Diabetes Doesn’t Go Away

I’m really trying to become accustomed to diabetes and all that comes with it. Today, I was babysitting a little girl with Type 1 diabetes as well. She was such a sweetheart and it was so great to meet her, but when leaving we checked our blood sugars and mine was in the 200’s. I was like, how did this happen?? I haven’t eaten anything in the last 4-5 hours so food wasn’t the cause. It wasn’t something I really thought about and just gave a correctional dose and drove home. Got home and my Dexcom said I was at 240 and rising. OK so what the heck was going on??? I have the OmniPod, meaning every 3 days I change the pod and replace it with a new pump with fresh insulin. Well my pump was about to expire so I decided I would change it, thinking that may be the problem. Turns out the catheter wasn’t in and I wasn’t receiving insulin. The bottom of the pod was soaked in insulin, as seen in the photo. So I wasn’t receiving insulin for the last couple of hours. Now I’m sitting here with a headache and a high blood sugar, realizing diabetes doesn’t go away. Thank God for insulin though!!! Oh my goodness! Without inulin, it’s basically a death sentence. I really feel for all the Type 1’s before the discovery of insulin and even the Type 1’s that didn’t have all this amazing equipment that helps manage sugars. If anyone is interested in some of the history behind insulin, this is a good read. http://diabetesstopshere.org/2012/08/21/the-history-of-a-wonderful-thing-we-call-insulin/

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