The brain and sugars

Today’s one of those days where I just want diabetes to go away forever and leave me alone. I went jogging this morning so I didn’t give any insulin to cover breakfast. When I was getting ready for the day, my sugars were rising, so I gave a little bit of insulin. I’m driving in the car to my internship and all of a sudden I have this huge urge to cry for no real reason, so I look at my continuos glucose monitor, or Dexcom, and it says I’m at 270. My brain feels like “blahhh” and everything makes me want to cry. So the whole time I’m at my internship I just can’t formulate thoughts and feel nauseated. I actually stopped to get gas before arriving at my internship and throw up. Now I’m about to start a long shift with a stable 150 blood sugar (which I wish was lower) and I feel sick, like crying, my head hurts and I want to die. This is awful! Everyone at work is like why do you look so sad? I just don’t want to talk and just want to go to the gym or go home. And I’m stupid because I looked up the effects of high blood sugar on the brain and now feel like I’m killing myself and going to give myself Alzheimer’s or something. Ugh! #thanksdiabetes


One thought on “The brain and sugars

  1. Robert Kehoe

    Remember that Gma & Gpa are always here for you and you can come and just flop…..anytime.
    Hugs & kisses sweetheart!



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