Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of low blood sugars at work, so lately I’ve been eating things like cookies or brownies that will raise me back up. Ugh bad idea! I think every diabetic goes through this too. In reality I should prevent these in the first place by lowering my basal or hourly rate of insulin. There’s no exact formula to do this because the amount of activity I do at work changes, but it’s a trial and error process. If I still go into a low, I should take my handy glucose tablets instead. I’ve decided to write a blog post about this, so that I can challenge myself and create an almost contract with myself.

This is the fun of diabetes. So many ups and downs. I know for myself, I want to be a like my friends and have some carb loaded food item whenever I want, but I know that’s just going to destroy my HbA1C and probably result in a lovely headache. On the other hand, I have to watch out for those lows, that kill brain cells, and could cause me to pass out and die. It’s the fun balance of trying to compensate for what my body should be doing naturally. *insert frustration here!*

I’ve said in another post that diabetes will always be there to remind me to stay on the right track and it’s probably time I listen again. OK diabetes, you are right, I’ll greatly reduce the amount of carbs I’m eating. I want a long happy life and submitting myself to the will of the monster is the best way to do that.


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