Babysitting kids with Type 1

As an adult, diagnosed after high school with Type 1, I realize there are a lot of things I, thankfully, missed out on. Currently, I’m babysitting two young girls in kindergarden and I realize how rough having diabetes can be for them. One of the little girls goes to a lot of different camps in the area, yet unlike the other kids, she needs to have a babysitter with her to watch and manage her blood sugars. How difficult is that for her?? The kids will ask questions about who I am and she’s very quite and doesn’t know what to say. I just tell them that I’m a camp counselor. Then they’ll have snack and on some days she’ll hide in the corner not wanting people to see and on other’s she’s brave and doesn’t care who’s watching. Just to add in, it seems like at camps these kids are always having snack! How this little girls’ parents and doctor managed to figure out her insulin to carb ratio, I’m amazed by!

Similarly, when the little girl goes to school, she has to go to the nurses office before lunch and leaves before all the other children. I watch this little girl and I’m just amazed by her strength and courage! Only 6 years old and she is such a trooper.

Some day’s I like to have my own pity party, but then I watch how difficult it is for this little girl. She’s always getting pulled out of class during some activity and she’ll have to continue to go through her self-conscious troublesome teenage years with diabetes. It’s safe to say that I’m grateful, I got diagnosed later in life!


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