Monthly Archives: September 2015


Well today marks the one year anniversary of my diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

There are some things you can never forget and today is one of those days. Today I reflect on the memory I have of my visit to my endocrinologist and the hospital, both occurring one year ago. I’ll never forget the nurse’s reaction to my high glucose reading off the meter. I’ll never forget sitting in my new endocrinologist’s office crying like a scared child. I’ll never forget the smell of the hospital. I’ll never forget waiting in the ER. I’ll never forget the kind nurse that had talked me through a few scary nights. I’ll never forget being woken up for glucose checks every 4 hours. I’ll never forget the fatigue and lack of energy I had before insulin.

In some regards today is a day to celebrate, yet in others, it’s a day to morn. I celebrate having such a positive and caring community surrounding me. I celebrate having a greater drive to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I celebrate all the life lessons I’ve had to learn at a young age. I do morn the sense of normalcy though. I miss not being able to fear a high or low blood sugar. I miss not pricking my fingers and creating scars. There are day’s I wish I didn’t have this equipment strapped to my body. I took my pancreas for granted in the days before I diagnosis.

All in all, I have mixed emotions for today. Do you celebrate or do you morn? I can honestly say, I did both.



It’s funny how things happen sometimes. One minute, I’m writing an email about how much diabetes sucks. It’s isolating, annoying and always on my mind. I just got so angry and sad that I started tearing up (having low blood sugar just made me extra emotional). The next minute, I’m walking to class and spot another girl with an insulin pump. It’s so rare to see another T1D outside of a formalized setting. I stopped her right in her tracks. I dropped my bag and showed her my pump, like an excited kid shows another their new toy. It’s funny how when I was getting so down about this awful disease am so angry at what it does to me, that someone who is like me appears. I swear sometimes I really have to question my religious beliefs because that’s pretty coincidental.