Monthly Archives: October 2015

Pod Alarm

A lot of parents with diabetic children keep asking me what my opinion is on the Omnipod, or my insulin pump. I can honestly say, I love it for the most part– no tubes!! Sometimes, like today though, it’s really annoying. The problem with the Omnipod is it’s random failures. When it fails it beeps, which is good because I know I’ve stopped getting insulin and can do something about it, but really annoying. Today I was giving insulin and had an “occlusion” alarm go off. When that happens, the pod beeps continually very¬†loudly and deactivates. Normally, I keep a spare with me, but I had used my spare yesterday when I ripped my pump off of my arm. Luckily I had syringes, so was able to inject a couple units so I could stay for my last class. I wasn’t planning on returning home after school and was going straight to my internship. Because of my pod failure, I had to go home to get a new one. It’s really annoying when that happens! My blood sugar has ¬†tendency to be on more of a roller coaster ride and that messes with my cognitive function. I don’t know, I love my Omnipod, but wonder how much beeping happens with other pumps. I think having tubes would really bother me and would be easier to get pulled out. My Omnipod will more likely get pulled out if I’m very fast about the insertion process and mess up putting the adhesive down. That’s a problem when changing the set of all pumps though. I guess, it’s personal preference and the choice of wires or beeps.